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Archival and Non-Archival Dry Mounting

Custom Sizes Available up to 40″x 60″

We do not offer in-house framing services due to the complexity involved and the diverse range of variables that come into play. We highly recommend visiting a specialized framing store to get expert assistance in matching your artwork with the perfect frame and size that complements it beautifully. Seeing and touching the frames in person allows you to make an informed decision and ensures that the final result meets your expectations.

While we do not provide custom framing, we do offer a selection of pre-framed options that have been carefully chosen to enhance the presentation of your artwork. These pre-framed choices are designed to suit various styles and sizes, providing you with a convenient and visually appealing solution.

Dry mounting is a process in which a print is bonded to a mount using an archival adhesive. This is ideal for presenting your artwork to the highest standard.
Photographic mounting and fine art mounting protects and displays your work in a clean minimalist way and is ideal for exhibitions with impact, allowing viewers to focus on the work.

Archival dry mounting

Archival dry mounting refers to the longevity of finished mounted artwork to ensure it doesn’t degrade and will last over a significant duration of time. However it must be considered that dry mounting is an irreversible process and artwork cannot be removed from the mount board. Therefore it is not advisable for one-off original artworks or highly valuable prints. The more pro-grade mounting options including: Acrylic Reverse, Aluminium and Dibond are considered completely archival and ensure your prints stability over time.

Non-archival dry mounting

More affordable and non archival dry mounting options including: Display Card, Foamex PVC, Foam Board and MDF contain contaminants including acids that cause degradation to the composition of the print over the longer term and therefore not considered archival forms of dry mounting.