A simple guide to setting up successful print files:

  • IMPORTANT - All files are printed exactly how they are uploaded to our site so please check for errors before uploading. It's best to upload your print files at the print size requested. Questions on aspect ratio use this great ratio calculator: http://andrew.hedges.name/experiments/aspect_ratio/ 

  • Color space: RGB (Please DO NOT upload CMYK files, production charges will apply if we have to convert from CMYK to RGB. We will not reprint if you upload a CMYK image and and the printing colors are incorrect)

    1. Embed Color Profile: 'Adobe RGB' or sRGB (adobe RGB will allow brighter color and wider color gamut)

    2. Video for correctly embedding RGB profile in Photoshop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY2QqZ4Tycc

  • File format: .Jpeg, .jpg, .tiff or .tif files ONLY. NO TRANSPARENT files, No PDF files, No PNG files

  • File names: Please only use letters and numbers in file names. 

  • Images and signatures close to the edge may get trimmed off: Do not have important parts of the art and signatures close to the edge. Please allow at least 0.25 inch safe area or more near the edge of the art for important parts of the art image. 

  • Only upload files that are 8 bit images (16 bit and 32 bit images cause problems when printing and when we download the orders for print) **If you are unsure about this then your images are probably 8 bit and they are ok**

  • Resolution: 300dpi for images up to 36" x 36", 200 dpi for anything above (images lower than 200 DPI may result in less than best quality prints - be careful not to "upres" or "upsize" your images too high to reduce pixelization/blurry images) Files should be 300 DPI at full print size for best quality prints. 

  • Please DO NOT upload files larger than 300 DPI. (This will just take longer to upload and longer for us to download. 300 DPI is the optimum size for the best print quality). 

  • Flatten layers and rasterize text (absolutely no alpha channels, transparecy or layered files, no PNG files)

  • JPEG files - only save as high resolution, uncompressed .jpg or .jpeg files. (high resolution JPEG will print exactly like a Tiff file) ONLY use Baseline jpeg, NOT progressive. 

  • Canvas Prints: Rolled canvas comes with a white border, do not add a border to any canvas print files

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Your files are completely uploaded when the words next upload appear

Before you upload your files, they should be properly prepared which will avoid mistakes during printing. Please follow our file preparation here for all the information you will need to prepare your files.

Once your files are uploaded click on Place Order, you will be redirected to our secure payment page.

We will not charge your card until you have received your invoice and have approved it for payment.