Fine Art Giclée Photo Prints

Fine Art Giclée Photo Prints are particularly high-quality prints used by professional photographers, galleries and museums to achieve exceptional results. A key component is a high-quality paper that meets the highest quality standards.

The difference between Fine Art papers and photo prints lies in the coating of the paper substrate. Photo prints are exposed and chemically developed and therefore have a light-sensitive surface. Fine Art papers, on the other hand, are printed using inkjet technology. A completely different coating is used here. This ensures perfect adhesion of the inks, which would not be possible on the pure paper surface.

Fine Art papers are made from natural fibers, usually cotton or alpha cellulose. This allows for a wide variety of base materials and surface textures. The wide variety of papers used for Fine Art prints allows a finer elaboration of the symbiosis of motif and paper into a complete work.

Fine Art papers provide an ideal basis for intense colors and strong contrasts, but also allow for a wide range of gray tones, which is particularly important for black and white prints. The whiteness of a paper is a critical factor, as some papers have warmer tones than others. And ultimately, the thickness and texture of the paper are visual and tactile elements that also play a role in the selection process.

Discover our high-quality pigment prints on fine art papers from Hahnemühle, Canson and Epson.

We print your photographs / art up to 40"x 60". Multiple mounting choices are available.

All of our Fine-Art Papers are archival certified for 100+ years. Coupled with Canon's LUCIA EX 12-pigment ink system or Epson's latest archival eleven-color Inkjet system, your prints are guaranteed to be fade resistant, scuff resistant and long lasting.

High-End Paper For Your Photo:
Fine Art papers with
characteristic surfaces

The different base tones and surface structures of these fine papers
allow an individual adjustment for your fine art print.

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